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window controls the visibility of PyMOL's output window

Some actions (maximize, focus, defocus) are not consistent across operating systems.

Non-functional in PyMOL 2.0, will be available again in 2.1


window [ action [, ... ]]


Hide the window (Warning: might make the window inaccessible. Intended for programmed automation):

window hide

Show the window (reverse of hide):

window show

Place the window at x, y screen coordinates:

window position, x, y

Resize the window:

window size, width, height

Place and resize in a single operation:

window box, x, y, width, height

If any window corner is not on the visible screen, move the window and if necessary, resize (shrink) to screen dimensions:

window fit

Maximize the window:

window maximize

Give the OpenGL window focus:

window focus


Place in upper left corner and resize to 1000x500

window box, 0, 0, 1000, 500

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