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My name is Joseph ANDRE. I'm Ph.D student in molecular modelling on tubulin.

I use PyMOL to produce figures and analyse molecular dynamics trajectories.

My ~/.pymolrc

set fetch_path, /home/joseph/Documents/structure/

set internal_gui_mode, 0
set bg_rgb, [0.3,0.3,0.3]
viewport 1400,600
set overlay, 4
set orthoscopic,1
set seq_view_label_spacing, 10
set seq_view_label_start, 10

set valence, 1
set stick_radius,0.1
color grey90, element C
set spec_power, -1
set spec_reflect, 0.05
set ambient, 0.1
set cartoon_fancy_helices,1
set cartoon_loop_radius,0.1
set cartoon_dumbbell_radius,0.1
set cartoon_dumbbell_width, 0.08
set cartoon_highlight_color, grey40
set cartoon_dumbbell_length, 1.2
set cartoon_rect_width,0.08
set cartoon_rect_length, 1.2
set cartoon_color, grey80, ss L
set cartoon_color, orange, ss H
set cartoon_color, deepteal, ss S
set cartoon_discrete_colors, 1


alias hide_lines_nonpolar_h, hide lines, e. H and neighbor e. C
alias hide_sticks_nonpolar_h, hide sticks, e. H and neighbor e. C