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The PYMOL_PATH environmental variable points to the root PyMOL directory. It contains internal PyMol code and core modules. It is also the location for plugins installed via the Plugin Manager. The variable should be set automatically by PyMOL, and should not normally need to be changed by the user.

Standard Locations

Windows: C:\Program Files\PyMOL\

Mac: /Applications/

Ubuntu (Open-source PyMOL): /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pymol

Determining the location

For other operating systems or non-standard installation locations, the PYMOL_PATH can be determined by running the following command from within PyMOL:

print os.environ['PYMOL_PATH']


The contents of PYMOL_PATH should generally not be modified, but a few locations can be useful to know:

  • PYMOL_PATH/examples/ Example PyMOL and Python scripts
  • PYMOL_PATH/modules/pmg_tk/startup/
  • PYMOL_PATH/ A python script run at startup, before .pymolrc. See Plugin Manager for details.