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map_new creates a map object using one of the built-in map generation routines.

This command can be used to create low-resolution surfaces of protein structures.


map_new name [, type [, grid [, selection [, buffer [, box [, state ]]]]]]


  • name = string: name of the map object to create or modify
  • type = vdw, gaussian, gaussian_max, coulomb, coulomb_neutral, coulomb_local {default: gaussian}
  • grid = float: grid spacing {default: gaussian_resolution/3.0}
  • selection = string: atoms about which to generate the map {default: (all)}
  • buffer = float: cutoff {default: gaussian_resolution}
  • state = integer: object state {default: 0}
    • state > 0: use the indicated state
    • state = 0: use all states independently with independent extents
    • state = -1: use current global state
    • state = -2: use effective object state(s)
    • state = -3: use all states in one map
    • state = -4: use all states independent states by with a unified extent


See examples for huge surfaces and isomesh.

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