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  • FilterByMol -- Filter a directory of files, and save their ligands to disk (by molecule).
  • LoadDir -- loads all the files of a type you specify from the path you specify and puts them into the group you specify (or none).
  • Process_All_Files_In_Directory -- Do something to all files in a directory. The examples show how to print the disulfide bond lengths, then in general all sulfur distances (not necessarily bound).
  • PythonTerminal -- Allows execution of python commands from the PyMOL command line.
  • pdbsurvey -- Surveys the pdb for recently added structures that are relevant to a user-specified keywords list (in a text file)
  • Read PDB-String -- Parses a string in PDB format to a PyMOL object.
  • Monitor file continuously -- Watch a file on a separate thread and re-load when it is modified.
  • XML-RPC server -- An API for controlling PyMOL remotely (from the same computer or on the network). Adapted from the server built in to PyMOL.

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