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  • Perp Maker -- Creates a perpendicular plane through the center of your protein with respect to the camera's current position. (If you translate the protein towards the camera a bit, you get a nice surface, sometimes.) A stupid little script I wrote in response to a request a few months ago (and it doesn't even conform to the request!) Load a protein, run the script (read the documentation in the script). (Jason Vertrees/Tree)
  • Axes -- Creates a 3D-CGO object that shows the three coordinate axes.
  • Symmetry Axis -- Draw a 3D-CGO line given a point and a direction.
  • CGO Text -- Creates a 3D-CGO text object.
  • Slerpy -- Pymol command extensions for key frame animation movie making.
  • Plane Wizard -- Wizard to draw planes between three picked points.
  • Bounding Box -- Create a bounding box around a selection (Python script; requires numarray and Scientific; gilleain)
  • Ellipsoid -- Create callback object (opengl) ellipsoids. (Python script; gilleain)
  • TransformSelectionByCameraView -- Transforms the selection by the camera view.
  • modevectors -- A wonderful script that allows you to draw highly customizable vectors between two states (NMA, TMD, etc)
  • Center Of Mass -- Given a selection of atoms (of equal weight) - Calculates the center of mass and represents it with a CGO sphere