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  • Due to wiki code (or my inability) I couldn't get images to float left/right in the table w/o it looking really ugly. So, if someone can get say the Colorama example to float right and look good, please do.
  • Let me know if you like the updates to the main page. I like it because it utilizes more of the screen real estate. Thus, no scrolling (for me). If you can clean it up, and make it prettier, feel free. Tree 17:08, 9 December 2007 (CST)
  • So, I found out, finally, why it's been hard to find things. Category pages aren't scanned for keywords for searching. So, we'll need to move our category pages' text to new pages and make the links. For example, searching for "mencoder" didn't work before today. Since I moved [[:Category:Software_Movies]] to Making_Movies we can now search for the keywords in that page.
  • Well, one idiot/spammer made it through the new system. If there's an influx of the idiots, we may go back to the old registration method, as that seemed pretty secure.
  • Feature Request: Support for 3D DLP and plasma HDTVs. These require a different stereo output format (checkerboard.) Feel free to contact me for details. --Martyholloway 17:46, 30 May 2008 (CDT)

Some Thoughts For Discussion

  • Folks, please check out the section MediaWiki Image Galleries for cleaning up the code for inserting more than one image. This fixes the problem of having to insert tons of blank lines to cleanly offset the following text. So, if you have some time, please head back to old pages and help clean this up.
  • We need to accurately document settings for PyMol. This would greatly improve the value of the site. We should also provide images and examples.
  • For people (like me) who don't know the first thing about Wiki's, more "newbies click here to learn" links would help ease the transition...

Where is the anti-spam mechanism/strategy?

Manual removing spam contents really sucks.

Edit by AdShea One good strategy is to search all namespaces for 'http' (without the quotes). This will show links containing that string, which should catch any spam links.