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select creates a named selection from an atom selection. Selections are one of the most powerful aspects of PyMOL and learning to use selections well is paramount to quickly achieving your goals in PyMOL.


select name [, selection [, enable [, quiet [, merge [, state ]]]]]

Convenience shortcut to create selection with name "sele":

select (selection)


  • name = str: a unique name for the selection {default if skipped: sele}
  • selection = str: a selection-expression
  • enable = 0/1: show selection indicators {default: 1}
  • quiet = 0/1 {default: 0 for command, 1 for API}
  • merge = 0/1: update existing named selection {default: 0}
  • state = int: object state, affects spacial operators like within {default: 0 (all states)}


select near , (ll expand 8)
select near , (ll expand 8)
select bb, (name CA+N+C+O)"%s_%s"%(prefix,stretch), "none")


Type help selections for more information about selections.

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