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PyMol Wiki Home

You have reached the (new) home of the PyMolWiki, a user-driven web-oriented CMS.

Moving In

Please excuse the mess as we create the PyMolWiki site. The wiki will be a valuable educational & reference tool for PyMol users.


If you feel like helping out, please login and get to work. :-) For design/layout purposes you must be logged in to edit pages. We now need people to assist with

  • Wiki schema/design/organization: Below you'll find the current layout design
  • Graphic design and CSS layout: We need logos, BG images and CSS layout
  • Importing the email list content: We have (lots) of email to sift through, extract data from and import into the Wiki
  • Smoothing out the edges: Editors are needed just to fix our typos!
  • Etc...

Editors Needed

If you feel you have the time to help import data into the PyMol wiki, please email Tree.

We need your help. So join today & happy editing!


== Initial Wiki Layout Suggestion == (Warren Delano; Tree; Doug Kojetin; Michael George Werner; Kristian Rother; Nat Echols)

Proposal for structure

Most of these points fall into some higher category. Here is a proposal how they could be arranged krother:

  • I. Technical issues (installation, hardware)
  • II. Basic usage (controls, rendering, selections)
  • III. Advanced issues (Ray tracing, settings, movies)
  • IV. Scripting
  • V. Plugins
  • VI. High-level applications (Crystallography, NMR)

Tree 02:09, 16 Feb 2005 (CST)