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Useful commands

Make a remote for the official repository

git remote                                                                                                  # To see your defined alias for remotes
git remote add pymol  

When a user make a Pull request, read more here

git fetch master                       
git log GIT_USER_NAME/master ^master                                                                               
git checkout GIT_USER_NAME/master                                                                           # Checkout the changes, try the script. See wikipage

Push the change to the Official repository

git checkout master                                                                                         # Go back to master
git merge GIT_USER_NAME/master                                                                              # Merge in, and you are ready
git push pymol master                                                                                       # If you are out of date, continue
git fetch pymol master                                                                                      # Get latest from the official rep
git branch -a                                                                                               # See all branches
git merge pymol/master                                                                                      # Merge remote branch into yours
git push pymol master                                                                                       # Push to the original repository

Zip files

One can make a zip file of the scripts.

git archive --format zip --output ./ master

Additional reading

For more commands on git, look here: