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Autodock plugin

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This plugin should help to set up docking runs with Autodock and view docking results. It has two features:

  1. Setup of a docking grid for Autodock with PyMOL.
  2. View the docking results.


you can download it manually

  1. Download plugin
  2. PyMOL > Plugin > Install Plugin
  3. MGLTools/AutoDockTools
  4. AutoDock4.2
  5. AutoDock Vina

Tutorial Video

Watch Dan Seeliger's autodock plugin tutorial.


Daniel Seeliger


The example of video


fetch 3IG7, async=0
hide everything, all
create cdk2, 3IG7 and polymer
create EFP, 3IG7 and organic
delete 3IG7
show_as cartoon, cdk2
show_as sticks, EFP
util.cbay EFP

Open the Autodock/Vina plugin. Set executable to folders:

Autodock Tools: /home/dseelig/lib/python2.5/site-packages/AutoDockTools/Utilities24
autogrid4 executable: /home/dseelig/ADT_bin/autogrid4
autogrid4 executable: /home/dseelig/ADT_bin/autodock4
vina executable: /home/dseelig/vina/vina

Enlarge the window and click Save Plugin Configuration file