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Type Python Script
Author(s) Evangelos Papadopoulos
License -
This code has been put under version control in the project Pymol-script-repo

This script will display the NMR constrains used for a structure calculation atop a structure. Usage: Save this as "" load your protein in PyMOL, and run the script. type upl('fname') or cns('fname') where fname is the filename with the NMR constrains you want to display. It is still a very preliminary version.

If you generated the structure by CYANA type:

cyana> read final.pdb

to input the structure in cyana then:


before exporting the structure again by:

cyana> write final.pdb

this way the structure will contain the appropriate pseudoatoms nomeclature.

Welcome to contact me if you need some help to set it up.

Cns.png Upl.png