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Should content from the User's and Reference manual be incorporated into this site? Then in the content pages, one could reference a section of Walter's manuals. --Saper 22:54, 16 Feb 2005 (CST)

Saper, I had considered that. I was going to strip out all the commands from PyMol and make a "commands" page where people could flush in some content. Maybe we'd be better off starting with page-by-page inserting PyMol commands into the wiki. (?)
Tree 00:12, 17 Feb 2005 (CST)

"" From Luca Jovine: I apologize for being late, but... how about a section about nucleic acids? As in any other related program, they always end up being the poor siblings of proteins (I can't believe PyMOL's cartoon command still does not recognise the most common 5' and 3' nucleotides!), and I'm pretty sure people who work with them would benefit from such a section in the Wiki. Thanks, ""

Where should we put the Nucleic Acids Stuff?


collapsing simple and advanced topics

"Simple" vs "advanced" tasks are currently separated out, so that there are multiple places to find information on each topic, (eg - atom selections). I believe that all information about each topic should be kept together, but with many logical subheadings to separate them (and organized from simple->complex). That way a user only need look in one area to find the solution to their problem, rather than hunting around the wiki to find whether their answer is in the simple or advanced sections of each topic. --Jcorn 14:51, 17 Feb 2005 (CST)