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removeAlt removes all atoms from obj that have alternate locations but aren't altloc keep.

The Code

def removeAlt(obj="(all)", keep="A"):
        removeAlt -- remove all alternate location-atoms not of altloc "keep" from object.

                obj -- the object(s) to remove the atoms frmo
                keep -- which type of alt loc to keep

        output: none -- removes atoms

                removeAlt # remove all altLocations that aren't altloc A
                removeAlt pdbID, C  # remove all but C altlocations from pdbID
        # select & remove all non A altlocs
        remStr = "%s and not (alt ''+%s)" % (obj, keep);
        # reset the PDB information
        cmd.alter( obj, "alt=''")

cmd.extend("removeAlt", removeAlt)

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