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=== See Also ===
=== See Also ===
[[Pdb_conect_all]], [[Pdb_use_ter_records]]
[[Pdb_Conect_All]], [[Pdb_use_ter_records]]

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The pdb_conect_nodup setting in pymol controls if duplicated connectivity record (CONECT) in saved PDB is used to stored bond order.

This is an unofficial PDB feature to store bond order and is supported by several applications that read PDB files, but may break PDB file loading in other applications which don't support it. PyMOL always wrote duplicated connect records (pdb_conect_nodup=0) and the setting allows you to switch that off (pdb_conect_nodup=1).


get pdb_conect_nodup     # get current value 
set pdb_conect_nodup, 1  # no CONECT duplication is used to store bond order


See Also

Pdb_Conect_All, Pdb_use_ter_records