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Monitors Hardware Options

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CRT Monitors

Iiyama HM204DT

This is a 22inch (20inch viewable) monitor which can be configured at 1280x1024 at 120 Hz


  • A90: cheap low end 19". Good investment
  • G220fb: nicer 21" monitor. Also good, supports much higher refresh rates than the A90.
  • G225f: Seems to be ViewSonic's latest offering (6/06).
  • P95f+: Still available and very affordable 19" monitor. Will handle quad-buffered stereo at 50 Hz. Superseded by the G-series.


  • Samsung SyncMaster 191T+ (Digital Flat Panel) -- very nice


  • FP2141SB-BK (A high-refresh display for stereo 3D graphics) -- What Warren uses (at 1440x1050).

Graphics cards : Stereo-ready

Also see Stereo 3D Display Options

Nvidia Cards

NVidia release proprietary drivers for its cards. Linux drivers for 32-bit and 64-bit can be downloaded from their site.

Troubleshooting: There have been reports of stereo issues with certain high-end NVidia card. Most notably, the stereo image is being inverted. The suggested fix is switching to a newer card or video drivers. It is suggested to use the NVidia drivers, not the ones provided by third party companies. See the NVidia Forums.

NVIDIA Quadro FX 1100

This is a very fast and stable graphics card. It has an AGP 8X interface.

Quadro 980 XGL

Still available. Affordable AGP 8X stereo graphics card. Use the legacy Linux drivers (96xx series) from Nvidia. About 10,000 fps in glxgears at 1280x1024.


While not Quadro cards, these are still very good, cheaper alternatives.

  • GeForce 5600 XTQ -- nice low end card (4000-5000 FPS in glxgears 1600x1200 dual)
  • GeForce 5950 Ultra -- nice mid level card (~9000 FPS in glxgears 1600x1200 dual)
  • GeForce 6800 Ultra -- nice high end card (>14,000 FPS in glxgears 1600x1200 dual)

LCD Glasses and Emitters

Nuvision 60GX

These glasses can handle a very high refresh rate (at least 120 Hz)

Hardware combinations that work

NVIDIA Quadro FX 1100 graphics card + Iiyama HM204DT monitor + Nuvision 60GX glasses

This combination provides a very pleasant 3D experience which won't fatigue your eyes.

NVIDIA Quadro FX 1100 graphics card + ViewSonic G225 monitor + Nuvision 60GX glasses + OS X Dual G5

Pushed refresh to 119.9 Hz. I tried several different resolutions starting from the max and worked my way down before it gave me the ~120 Hz refresh. This setup was plug and play stereo: new Dual G5 (6/06), the awesome Quadro FX 4500, and NuVision 60GX Emitter/Glasses Combo. Very choice if you have the means--this the sweetest graphics machine I've ever sat in front of (including SGI Onyx).

NVidia Quadro 980 XGL + Viewsonic P95f+ monitor + Nuvision 60 GX glasses

Runs beautifully in Fedora Core 6 with the legacy NVidia drivers (96xx series) on a Dell 4600 Pentium-4 workstation. Very inexpensive stereographics option. Will sync at 100 Hz (50 fps stereo) without any special configuration in xorg.conf.