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## Selections
## Selections
## Colors
## Colors
## Palletes
## Palettes
## Writing/Running Scripts
## Writing/Running Scripts
## Customizing PyMOL
## Customizing PyMOL

Revision as of 21:22, 17 February 2005

I made some changes earlier to the design schema and was wondering what the community thinks so far? I also got to thinking about what we want this site to be. Should it be merely a manual or should we include news and areas for discussion on different topics such as specific uses of PyMOL? If we want to expand the scope of this site beyond just a manual, we should probably move all the basic documentation parts into their own category and have separate sections for more specific topics such as movie making, NMR, crystallography, energy calculations, etc. something like:

  1. Manual
    1. GUI
    2. Command Script
    3. Python API
    4. Settings
    5. Miscellaneous
    6. Command Line
  2. Meta Manual
    1. Selections
    2. Colors
    3. Palettes
    4. Writing/Running Scripts
    5. Customizing PyMOL
  3. Discussions
    1. News
    2. Development
    3. Questions
  4. Special Topics
    1. Movies and Animation
    2. biochemical calculations
    3. NMR
    4. Crystallography
    5. DNA
    6. Stereo 3D

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