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= Nucleic Acid Builder =
= Nucleic Acid Builder =
As of PyMOL 2.3, building can also be done with nucleic acids.
As of '''Incentive PyMOL 2.3''', building can also be done with nucleic acids.

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The Builder is a PyMOL GUI menu that allows you to easily build up structures by hand from various elements like atoms, fragments, rings, amino acids, etc. You can also assign charge, secondary structure, etc.

To access the Builder simply select the "Builder" option from the PyMOL GUI (see images).

Nucleic Acid Builder

As of Incentive PyMOL 2.3, building can also be done with nucleic acids.

DNA Builder1.png

Click the 'Builder' button in the top-right panel.

DNA Builder2.png

Once selecting "Nucleic Acids", you will presented options for building either DNA or RNA. For DNA, you can specify the custom DNA's form (A-DNA or B-DNA) and whether the DNA should be single- or double-stranded.

DNA Builder3.png

When ready, select the base type for the nucleic acid by clicking on the button with its specified one-letter code (e.g. A, T, U, C, or G) and select "Create As New Object".

DNA Builder4.png

To extend the DNA, select a terminal 5' phosphate or 3' oxygen.

You can see the change in the nucleic acid's sequence in real-time (Display-> Sequence). For double-stranded DNA, positive residue indices are base-paired to its negative counterpart (5 base-paired with -5, 12 base-paired with -12, etc...).

Once finished, click the "Done" button.

DNA Builder5.png

Here is an example finished product from the DNA builder.